Research Topics

Land Surface Changes, Ground Deformation, and Seismicity

Characterizing near-surface and subsurface processes in industrial and tectonic settings

Fault Zone Mechanics and Earthquake Physics

Deciphering interactions of transient and long-term processes and their physical mechanisms

Computational Geophysics

Developing novel quantitative methods for geophysical inference and predictive modeling


GEOL 1114 – Physical Geology for Scientists and Engineers (2020F, 2022S)

GPHY 5020 – Computational Geophysics (2021S)

GPHY 3440 – Mentored Research Experience (2021S)

GPHY 5970 – Remote Sensing for Crustal Geophysics (2021F)

GPHY 6970 – Machine Learning in Geosciences Seminar (2021F; Co-Instructor)

GPHY 4553 – Introduction to Seismology (2022S)

GPHY 2013 – Frontiers in Geophysics (2022S; Co-Instructor)


Ganiyat Shodunke (MS, Kansas State University) – PhD student since 2021 Spring

Haoyu Li (BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) – MS student in 2021 Fall

Segun Bodunde (MS, University of Science and Technology of China) – PhD student in 2021 Fall